#FBF Baby I <3

Baby I ❤
Waiting for a baby to arrive is truly an amazing time. We are filled with wonderful anticipation awaiting the new precious gift that has been bestowed upon us. People often say that our lives are going to change dramatically but nothing can prepare us for the incredible moment when we first meet our little treasure.

I present to you Kathy with her precious family. Miss Imani and Desi are anxiously waiting for the arrival of their new baby sister.

Kathy was my very first maternity session. What a diva! She is a gorgeous woman inside and out. It was a pleasure to photograph this special occasion.

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One thought on “#FBF Baby I <3

  1. WOW!!! Josie they are BEAUTIFUL!!!…you truly have a special way of capturing a moment in time and the end result is a picture memory to cherish for a life time. Thank you for being kind and patient in the session. You made me feel so much beautiful being a “Big Belly” mommy. All pregnant woman should definately feel like “Divas” in their own way…after all we do carry life for 9 months.I hope that other pregnant mothers take the time for a maternity photo session. You are truly the best and I am honored to be your first maternity Diva!!!

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