Baby D’s First Easter

Easter 2014 was planned out the day before. Isn’t it funny how things always turn out great when you least expect it?

We decided we would surprise our family and visit their church for the celebration. The music was wonderful, and the word was inspiring.

As tradition goes, we all decided to go back to our home and spend quality time with the kids. The girls could not contain themselves. They had colored eggs the night before, and we bought plastic eggs for them to fill with candy.

As the sun began to set, we made our way to the park to hide the eggs for Imani, Isabella, and Baby D. I felt a little sad when I realized that the big kids would be hiding the eggs this year rather than finding them. No golden egg this year. (sad) No secret hiding spot.

I love to watch the little ones run after the eggs. They were all over the place; dashing here and there.

Their innocence fills my heart with so much love ❤

Baby D had no idea what was going on. He grabbed two eggs, put them in his mouth, and he was happy. ❤

All in all, it was a perfect ending to a wonderful day.












One thought on “Baby D’s First Easter

  1. The pictures are wonderful! You capture just a little bit of their innocence and joy and that’s all we need to full our hearts will love for our little ones!!! Louv you!!!!

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