Week 1

Ok. Here we go. One more time.

Because I am off for the summer (those of you who know me know that I am a 7th grade language arts teacher), I have decided to try and document as much as I can of my summer weeks. More often than not, I try to take my “big girl” camera everywhere I go. Unfortunately, there are many times where that is nearly impossible because I am traveling with a toddler.

Henry (love him) has been pretty busy with football practice every day. When he is not on the field, you can find him saving the world on COD, FIFA, or playing basketball with his friends. We did have a date night this week to the movies, but my camera stayed at home.

Therefore, my first week will be all about Baby D. (love him too) We decided that we would make our backyard a little more baby friendly since it has quickly become Derek’s favorite place. Our first purchase was the pool. Boy did he love it! I mean, who wouldn’t?

A couple of days later, daddy came home with the slide. He hit a home run! The first morning Derek went out there to test it out, it was scorching hot. While mom and dad melted, Baby D enthusiastically went up the slide and down the slide. Why would the manufacturers of this wondeful play gym include stairs? Kids don’t want to use the stairs. Right? Well…we actually devoted a whole five minutes to trying to teach him to go up the stairs and then down the slide. Unsuccessful.

Derek had an incredible time on his new slide. By the way, it also has an attachment that can be used for a sandbox. We have filled it with water because having two pools is way better than one.
We also went to a small waterpark to celebrate a birthday. This place was awesome. Water was squirting from all angles. Unfortunately, Baby D was not impressed. He played with a spout for about five minutes and decided he would rather be on the slide. We will definitely be back. I can only assume he needs to warm up to it before he loves it just as much as I do.

I would say that our week was filled with many #summerlove activities.

Love ❤

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