Week 2

Ok. Week 2 and I am already behind. I’m not really sure how everyone can keep up with family/kids, dinner, laundry, work, birthday parties, carpool, taking pictures, editing sessions, going to the movies, walking the dog, playdates, eating, [tired just thinking about it] AND blogging about it? Seriously … superhero material. ❤

This was a fun week because it was my birthday week. We had been toying around with the idea of going to Marathon Key for my birthday and finally decided to do it five days prior. Yikes! We almost couldn’t get a hotel room.

When I was a child, we used to visit the keys quite often. There was actually a time when we all lived there. Not sure how long, but it seemed like an eternity. Being in the keys this trip brought back a lot of good memories. My dad was everywhere.

We rented at Tranquility Bay, but it used to be the old Buccaneer Resort. We spent many nights at that place. ❤ The new resort is beautiful. My only complaint would be that the beds squeak way too much. Everytime we moved, it seemed like someone was running across an old wooden floor. It was bad. At one point I found Henry sleeping on the floor because he couldn’t take the noise. Can you believe it? Crazy.

On my birthday, my sister and I woke up early to watch the sunrise. It was amazing. I feel as if we had a secret love affair with the sun while we were there. We didn’t miss a sunrise or sunset. GORGEOUS ❤

Later that day, we went to Sobrero Beach for a bbq. We all had an awesome time. Nothing better than celebrating with the people we love.

The moments I documented are totaly random AND FULL OF LOVE. ❤












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