Week 3

This was such a fun day for us ❤

My mom and I decided to visit the girls and have a mini celebration for Imani's birthday, so we decided to meet Kathy, Imani, and Isabella for a playdate. Imani and Isabella are Derek's cousins. I think that if they could put Baby D in their bag and take him home with them, they would be the happiest girls in the world. Honestly, Kathy (my sister-in-law) would not have to watch Frozen ever again.

We went to a local park (which just happens to have water activities included) around 11 am and planned on having a little park fun, lunch, and top it off with cake and gifts. The girls had so much fun playing with Baby D. They adore him.

Unfortunately, Baby D is not very fond of the waterpark. This is the second time I have attempted this park and he is not happy about it. He was perfectly content simply sitting in the swing all day. He ventured out to the slide a few times, but he would much rather be swinging.

When the kids were a bit tired and thirsty, we sat them down for a little lunch and dessert.

All in all, we had a wonderful time ❤












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