Waiting for Baby E <3

I fell in love with these two right from the start!

Joanna and I planned a magnificent rustic maternity session at Tradewinds Park. Unfortunately, I was not aware that the other side of Tradewinds (the side where the farm is located) would close earlier than the park side. (strange)

[The answering machine that states the park hours does not specify which side of the park it is referring to. what? how does that make any sense?]

When I drove up to the park, I almost died when I saw that the gates were locked. As a photographer, OH MY GOD!! went through my mind!

Thankfully, she was more than understanding. I am sure it was because she was having a discussion with Greg and she wanted to keep the focus on him rather than me. Haha! [Insert why I liked her right from the start]

We drove to the end of the park and found a gorgeous area to shoot her maternity pics. Yeeeiiii!

We shared a small portion our lives as we laughed, posed, and snapped. As a mother myself, I treasure the moments I spend with couples who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little love ❤





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