Just in case you didn’t already know, Henry is one of the greatest loves of my life. It wasn’t right from the start; he definitely grew on me.

He is now fifteen years old, and I cherish every moment we spend together for I know he will soon be leaving my side to begin his life adventure.

That being said … how about we put down the phone so we can have a little sushi lunch?? Social media is running our lives. (I am definitely included in the “our”) We are consumed with what everyone is posting. If there is .2 seconds of silence, we reach for our phone. This has to stop. Any form of technology should definitely stay in the car while you are having a little quality time with your family. (Except for Baby D. We need technology to keep our sanity with that little guy <3)

To be honest, Henry was not able to play on his phone while we were having sushi on this day. Thankfully, there was no Wi-Fi service in the restaurant. YAY!913A9723

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