Miss Kyleigh <3

2015-05-19_0005This little love is very special to me. I had the pleasure of squishing her when she was just a tiny (but chubby) newborn. I am now documenting her milestones. She is such a happy baby! Always smiling.

Her name has a very special significance. Her parents spelled her first name “Kyleigh” because mom’s sisters middle name is Leigh so they wanted to incorporate that into her name. So sweet right?

She is 7 months, weighs16lbs, and she is 27 inches long.

This little lovey is a fantastic sleeper. She has been sleeping between 10 and 12 hours a night (without waking) since she was 3 months. Lucky mom and dad!!!

She loves to eat!  She will pretty much eat anything except the green foods. Her absolute favorite is carrots. Can you blame her??

Her favorite activity is running around in her walker trying to catch the dog and two cats. They have all been run over several times. Hehe! (I remember those days! My poor toes) If she isn’t chasing the animals she loves to be outside.

Her favorite song is the Mickey Mouse Club House song. It’ll bring an instant smile to her face.

Miss Kyleigh ❤2015-05-19_0001 2015-05-19_0002 2015-05-19_0003 2015-05-19_0004

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