Baby G <3

Baby G has the most beautiful parents I have ever met. They met on a Labor Day weekend and knew they were meant to be together instantly.

When I spoke with Vianca, she asked if I had anything with hot air balloons. {panic!} I most certainly did not, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. She sent me a few pics of the nursery, and I was able to create something special for their session.

We had a lovely time during Baby G’s session. We talked and laughed to our hearts content. Sometimes the room would get quiet, and I would look up to see them cuddling and enjoying their precious newborn. It was a beautiful ❤

When I went to their home to deliver their packages, Baby D and I were greeted by their adorable pug Saki. We sat on their balcony, talked about parenthood, and enjoyed the afternoon.

I am honored to meet so many wonderful people on this amazing journey ❤

2015-07-31_0009 2015-07-31_0010 2015-07-31_0011 2015-07-31_0012 2015-07-31_0013

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